2017; My Continuing Mission To Connect  Food, Farming & Consumers #NuffieldAg #EatTogether

Okay, so maybe 2017 is only 23 hours old and everyone has professed their goals and positive outlook for the year ahead, but how can we not help but celebrate our blessings of family, friendship, personal, emotional and spiritual wealth we celebrated over the holidays. I debated about a blog post highlighting my last year, and it may come yet, but I was struck by a very simple commercial tonight which I wanted to share:

#EatTogether Video to Watch – Connecting Food & You

As much as we all journey on individual roads, I have most enjoyed the personal opportunity to share with you some of the people, places and stories I’ve encountered along the way of my Nuffield Scholarship learning about food and our farming systems.

However, I have been left with many unanswered questions about how and why food is consumed and the relationships, or lack thereof we have with it.

I’m not suggesting you all become ‘foodies’ and radicalize your viewpoints to extremist demands like veganism, but rather consider where your food comes from, who was involved from farm to fork at the same time as reflect on the needs of nourishment, quality and food wastage.

I look to complete my studies and bring back my conclusions on that support a dynamic poultry sector in Canada, but what I know now, is that people continue to lose focus and interest on food, it’s safety and the diverse range of food production that comes right here from Canada for our every changing and culturally diverse country. So to 2017, I look forward to talking food and what it means to you!

Clair Doan,

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